Our Offerings


We create bouquets—for lovers, people who are engaged, married and divorced, rich, poor and middle-class, big and small in countless variations—always fresh, seasonal and arranged with joy.

Flower Subscriptions

Regular creations for companies, hotels, restaurants or you personally.

Ambiance is important, and flowers of the right color and shape have a significant impact on their surroundings. We apply our know-how and friendly service week after week in many client locations.


Room Embellishment

Whether it’s for a trade show, a lobby, or any other public space, places where guests are received reflect the values of the company or the host. With appropriate floral design, we convey such values.


Wedding Decorations

Your special day should be momentous, and flowers are perfect for memorializing moments of happiness. Whether it is church decorations, a bridal bouquet, or a table centerpiece, the goal is to bring space and time to a virtual standstill. We have extensive experience for every need, for budgets of all sizes.


Memorial Services

Birth and death describe the cycle of life. In the end, flowers help to ease grief by evoking memories of those we have lost. Floral wreaths, casket coverings, and church decorations enhance a dignified farewell.


Home Delivery

We bring flowers to you, whether near or far. Choose from delivery inside a 30 km radius within a few hours, or throughout Switzerland by overnight express, arriving the following morning at 09.00. We also deliver to larger cities abroad, with the help of our partner network.


Gift Certificates

A wonderful way to please loved ones.



Flowers like beautiful vases, and we only sell those we ourselves like.


Terrace Plantings

Small oases in urban life can become restful islands. We know the plants and how to combine them.